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      Hi OpenBuilds Community,
      Much more to come. I just wanted to get this build log going. I have to say i am very impressed with the quality of the OpenBuilds parts. I have sourced parts from Misumi and 80/20 inc in the past and although they are good quality, OpenBuilds is the best I've seen so far. I'm not just saying this. I can tell OpenBuilds team really pays attention to detail. The Sphinx is my first purchase from OB and I wish I had given them a shot previously. In comparison to the other suppliers, OpenBuilds parts feel more "Maker" oriented and to me they have a cleaner overall appearance.


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      1. Special Notes

        -Thanks to Kyo Shinohara for his awesome design and his help
        -Thanks to the OpenBuilds team for their top notch customer
        -Thanks to Chris Laidlaw (Blue Ox Solutions) for the amazing
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    Kyo Sphinx
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