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    1. Osama Akt
      Osama Akt
      3 /5,
      nice crowller but how did you successfully setup the arduino with Mach3 ?!! more explanation plz
      1. Craig
        Craig's Response
        Hi Osama. Sorry for the late reply. I am not using MACH3 on this one, I am using GRBL Controller with Ardunio and CNC shield. I am also building a bigger version of this CNC, and will be using a MACH3 compatible board on my bigger model. I will start posing up that build later.
    2. Jay-Daniel Stewart
      Jay-Daniel Stewart
      5 /5,
      very interesting. would love to see it evolve to completion
    3. Giordano Bruno
      Giordano Bruno
      5 /5,
      Spectacular! Compact and efficient.
    4. Tracy Ranson
      Tracy Ranson
      5 /5,
      I really like the way that this build is going. The Crawlbot is a decent machine and it looks like this machine will be very similar. Cannot wait until you are finished with the build so that I can pick your brain. AWESOME!
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