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      We are a school team building a CNC machine for the first time. We will update this with details of our progress each week. So far we have opened the box of parts from Ooznest and watched the Openbuilds video. We have split into 3 teams of 2 to build each of the axes and can't wait to get started tomorrow.
      09/03 Each team have begun building the roller bearings and add them to the build plates. They're really enjoying understanding the video and applying it practically. Excellent organisation of parts has made this much easier though one team lost some shims in amongst all the empty bags!
      10/03 Even with several of the team on netball tour the x-axis is now running on the c-beam, put together so quickly and so easy to adjust. Hoping to make good progress next week with the whole team back in attendance. Total build time now about 1 hour but varies for each member of the team!
      13/03 Two teams have fitted the rollers to their build plates and adjusted them to fit the beams which was so easy, not sure how critical the exact tightness is but there is no play and each roller is engaged with no slop at all. Fitting the lead screws will be tomorrow's task which will probably take a couple of sessions.
      14/03 The x-axis plate is now attached to the c-beam but might have to come off as the girls missed the screw on the anti-backlash nut. It's a feature missing from the video but parts were in the bag - a lesson to be learned there! When you take something apart and put it back together you're always left with a nut and no idea where it goes!!:):)
      17/03 z-axis almost completed thanks to replacement shim from Ryan Lock at Ooznest. Found that aluminium spacers had been missed when the lead screw was fitted but dead easy to strip down. Now just need to add the stepper motor and it can be handed back to x-axis team. Not only are my team of 12 year old girls having great fun building this kit they are learning all about key engineering concepts.
      22/03 The z-axis is now complete and ready to be added to the x-axis. Struggled today with the video which just didn't want to play at the point we needed so couldn't work out where the tee-nuts needed to go, finally worked it out and the bell went for the end of lunch! Back to square one but should be better tomorrow as two of the girls can use their DT lesson time - a whole hour - might have the build finished!:);)
      25/03 The z-axis is now attached to the x and the router mount in place all set for the frame. Not sure why the y-axis is talk g so long but the pair building that are getting there. It is impressively easy to put together and also take apart when you forget to tighten something. Don't expect to get too far this week as we have a team going to Silverstone for the F1 in Schools UK final as guests.:thumbsup:
      03/04 Made excellent progress over the past week. The y-axis is now complete with the addition of the board to hold a jig to machine the model F1 cars - I think that will need some adjustment but it helps it look the part! Started putting the base frame together today but struggling with the video as our connection isn't good enough so spend too long waiting for buffering but need to know where the tee nuts go before fixing everything in place - guaranteed to miss one! :cry: Could do with an orthographic drawing of the finished machine to see where the cast corners go - might draw one when we are finished.;)

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    To have a dedicated machine for making the model cars.

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    1 C-Beam parts kit - not sure what it contains yet! Link
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