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DesignSpark Mechanical 2014-01-30

Powerful, Professional-quality 3D design software that's simple to use available for FREE.

  1. skarab
    The Gift Of Invention
    Welcome to DesignSpark Mechanical – the home of FREE professional 3D design software.
    At DesignSpark we love helping engineers create world-changing products. It's why we've made our new 3D Design Tool available to all engineers and designers as a FREE download.
    DesignSpark Mechanical is packed with time-saving features to help you design more easily, quickly and creatively than ever before.

    • Produce highly detailed dimensioned worksheets
    • Remove bottlenecks by making amendments and additions to your design in seconds, rather than waiting for the CAD department to rework in history-based CAD tools
    • Combine your creation with off-the-shelf components from RS Components and the Allied Electronics 3D library
    • Create geometry easily with powerful and intuitive gesture-based modelling, no need to be a CAD expert
    • And best of all, it's completely free! This is not a cut down version of an expensive product or software with a time-limited license.

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