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G-code Ripper : scales, rotates, splits and wraps G-code 2016-03-30

Transform a G-code job without returning to the CAD file. Now with "auto probe" for uneven surfaces

  1. Serge E.
    Here's a tool some might find very useful.

    From www.scorchworks.com who also more than dabbles in home Injection Plastic Molding (way cool !)

    Here's what he did with G-code Ripper "auto probe" to map a lithophane unto the odd shape of a pumpkin (of all things) :

    The workflow used can be found here : CNC Lithophane Jack-O-Lantern | Scorch Works Blog

    Have fun ...

Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 2016-03-30
    Great resource Serge E, thanks for sharing!
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