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LaserWeb - Laser controller software 2016-02-15

Grbl, Smoothieware, Marlin, LasaurGrbl - node.js / browser based CAM + Machine controllers

  1. openhardwarecoza
    Not sure what software to use to driver your laser?

    Fire it up with LaserWeb!
    Check out this open-source, laser-cutter controller software.

    It’s designed to support home-made laser cutters, diode based laser engravers, and even converted Chinese laser cutters.
    With built-in CAM for PolyLine DXF, and SVG, it can even create rasters from images.
    It even supports four different firmwares, from grbl, to smoothieware, marlin and even lasaurgrbl!
    Node.js based, Windows/Linux/Mac/Raspberry Pi/Vagrant supported, host software for Lasercutters/Engravers running Marlin/Smoothieware/Grbl/LasaurGrbl with integrated parametric Gcode generators, Raster support, as well as Raster and Vector Engraving. SVG and DXF supported for cutting, PNG, BMP, JPEG support for raster engraving.

    This awesome project created by OpenBuilds Staff Peter van der Walt [openhardwarecoza]

    Thank you Peter and to all the contribution to LaserWeb!

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Recent Reviews

  1. FranciK
    Version: 2016-02-15
    Not yet as stable as could be, but a very good all-in-one tool for laser cutting. Stopped using everything else :)
  2. corexy
    Version: 2016-02-15
  3. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 2016-02-15
    LaserWeb is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to share this.
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