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Micro stepping Myths and Realities 2015-07-25

About how increased micro stepping decreases torque of your stepper motor

  1. Paruk
    Thanks to Micromo!:)

    Some had problems of the Z coming down on its own or loosing steps.

    For example:
    a Nema 17 with 76 oz-in/5.47 kg-cm will have a torque left of only 7.45 oz-in/0.54 kg-cm when micro stepping is set to 16! Not so strange that Z comes down with a router that weighs more than that.

    Loosing steps is more or less the same story.
    A Nema 23 with 175 oz-in has only a torque left of 17.1 oz-in if micro stepping is set to 16. That's not a lot of torque for cutting at feed rates of 1800mm/min and DOC of 3mm. Steps are easily lost that way.

    This document might help to make a better choice for the right size of stepper motor for the applications you have in mind.
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