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FREE 65mm Spindle mount for 20X40 V-slot extrusion

Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by Anthony Bolgar, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Anthony Bolgar

    Anthony Bolgar Veteran Builder

    3 available, the orange one is actually 2 back pieces, but will work just as well as the red and yellow ones.

    Just pay for shipping.

    Leave me a message with you name, shipping address, and Paypal email account to bill shipping to. 100_4081.JPG 100_4082.JPG 100_4083.JPG 100_4084.JPG 100_4085.JPG 100_4086.JPG 100_4090.JPG 100_4091.JPG 100_4092.JPG 100_4093.JPG
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  2. Synths

    Synths Well-Known Builder

    Hi Anthony,

    I would really love one of these for my new C-Beam machine to suit a Makita spindle.
    Is international shipping okay? I'm from Australia.

  3. Anthony Bolgar

    Anthony Bolgar Veteran Builder

    I replied to your PM.

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