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Project 80mm Spindle Mount. 1.0

Spindle Mount for 1.5 kW watercooled Chinese spindle.

  1. AlexLee

    AlexLee Well-Known Builder

    AlexLee submitted a new resource:

    80mm Spindle Mount. - Spindle Mount for 1.5 kW watercooled Chinese spindle.

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  2. Tweakie

    Tweakie OpenBuilds Team Staff Member Moderator Builder

    Nice work Alex, I especially like the idea of adding side mount holes for other devices - that could be most useful. :thumbsup:

  3. 1972

    1972 Well-Known Builder

    Hi Alex,

    Are you running this spindle on an OX type machine?
    I'm toying with the idea of using the same size spindle but I'm concerned about its weight.

    They aren't a great deal more expensive than the 800w spindles here so it makes sense to me to go for the extra power if possible.

  4. AlexLee

    AlexLee Well-Known Builder

    Thank you Tweakie!

    OpenBuilds commitment to OpenSource is inspiring and I hope I can contribute back to a community that I already benefited from. Very excited to be part of the community.


    I'm afraid I don't quite have your answer. I am using the spindle with an OX build, but instead of a NEMA 17 motor for the Z, I'm using a NEMA 23. The machine is running and everything is moving fine, including the Z axis (with the water cooling running). I haven't cut anything yet, so I'm not sure how it'll work out in a real run. I am ready to cut, and I only need to calibrate all axis' at this point (besides learning the whole milling toolchain...LOL)

    I guess I should introduce myself to the group and show what I've got so far.


  5. 1972

    1972 Well-Known Builder

    Hi Alex,

    I'm going to be running a large nema 23 on my Z axis also so this sounds promising,
    I'd be interested to see how your build goes.
    I'm still a fair way off buying a spindle at the moment.

  6. TomTei

    TomTei New Builder

    Hi Alex,

    These spindle mounts are great. They are very rigid especially when you use two of them for each spindle. I was going to go for an aluminium spindle mount, but after I tried these I was convinced. And the best part is that I could just print them myself!

    I was wondering if you could add a STL file under this thread. The more I've thought about it the cooler the thought about making an inlay in another colour to mount on the holder. For example if you could make the opensource or v-slot logo in the exactly same dimensions as in the mount we've could print that part in a different colour and just use some glue to secure it in place. I would have done this myself and shared it, but I'm afraid my experience in 3d modelling is very poor... :oops:

    Thanks in advance!
  7. Tuan

    Tuan New Builder

    Hey can i have gcode for mach3 please. Tap file. need to make mount for 1.5kw spindle 80mm
  8. northwest

    northwest New Builder

    I am running this 1.5 Kw water cooled spindle on my ox now, it is heavy so you will need Nema 23. to move it, so far no major problems. Just slow you feed rate down a bit or it will bounce. Im also using the 80 mm heavy spindle mount also , would love to get my hands on those mounts. could seed up feed rate with those. Nice job Alex Lee P1010001.JPG
  9. Thomas Messenger

    Thomas Messenger New Builder

    Thanks for supplying the design Alex! What was the percent of infill you used when you printed this spindle mount? I am going to have someone print it for me and I want to make sure the infill is right so that the mount is sturdy enough.

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