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Project Chaos 3D printer (need help)

Discussion in '3D Printing Projects' started by Chaos, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Chaos

    Chaos New Builder

    ok so here goes, ive been building a large 300x300 size dual axis printer and ive run into some trouble with wiring the stepper motors. ive got a list of problems ive run into so far and ill list them below. you can find some pictures of the printer here or here

    components list:
    Problems so far
    1. need to work out how to wire the Z axis from the board or drivers to the 4A TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller and then output to the nema 23, power wiring is sorted just need to work out the signal input. signal output seems to work. the way i have it wired it drives the stepper motor but only in one direction when i use the board control and send the revers signal it keeps driving the same direction on the stepper motor
    2. correct wiring for the x and y axis, i get no movement.
    these are the problems ive run into so far im yet to check the 2 extruder steppers etc. also i have flashed the board with marlin RC and changed the code to work with this board (so i dont think its a firmware issue). my Dad and i have searched google the best we can but if you dont know the right questions to ask you wont get the right answers.

    thanks in advance for any help or advice

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  2. RichGMD61

    RichGMD61 Well-Known Builder

    I know it's probably too late now, if you google 'protoneer' he does some jumper boards that take the place of the A4988/DRV8825 driver boards, you can get away with putting jumper wires where the little boards should go and then use a DuPont style connector to go to your big stepper driver, where the motor connectors should originally go. It'll take some figuring out, but you'll get there in the end.
  3. Chaos

    Chaos New Builder

    thanks for the reply, well its not to late but the plan may have changed, i found someone else on youtube that used the same board with open builds steppers etc and he ran the board on full 24V, i tested it and the it does work with just 24V, there is a jumper pin on the board that will lower the output voltage for the fan connectors to 12V. but im still not getting anywhere with the wiring for the stepper motors, its either the firmware that's working but not outputting correctly or the driver chips that are dying every time i try a wire combination or even both. right now im trying to get my hands on an oscilloscope to probe the outputs and find the right outputs. ill update the OP with the new information

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