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Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by MaryD, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. MaryD

    MaryD Master Staff Member Moderator


    Got extra items laying around the shop that you can no longer use?

    Well someone may need just that thing to help complete a Build.

    This is the place to give those items away or pick up something that you need!

    The idea here is a simple one. Reuse,Reduce, Recycle.

    1) ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING ALLOWED -- items must be free or offered in trade
    2) First Come, First Serve
    3) Giver and Receiver work out shipping costs among themselves
    4) Be Polite
    5) When item is no longer available, please update prefix on the title to 'SOLD'
    6) Refusal to adhere to the rules may result in suspension from OpenBuilds.com

    **OpenBuilds is in no way affiliated with these PRIVATE transactions. The items being offered have not been reviewed by OpenBuilds. Items may be used, untested, or inoperable upon arrival. Proceed at your own risk.**
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
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  2. Jose A. Molina

    Jose A. Molina Veteran Builder

    This an awesome Idea! I'm starting a robotics/maker club at my school and we will take anything. even if it doesn't work. ill hit it with a hammer and use its guts.
    MaryD likes this.
  3. dddman

    dddman Master Builder

    It might be interesting to have FreeStore sections listed by country. Nobody wants a free switch with 20$ shipping fees :)
  4. MaryD

    MaryD Master Staff Member Moderator

    Could put country in the title too!
  5. MaryD

    MaryD Master Staff Member Moderator

    Hey this is great. Please post an Ad and I'm sure someone can use it! You can use other ads as examples....

  6. Erick Sauvé

    Erick Sauvé Well-Known Builder

    It would be great! Shipping cost is a real issu if both traders are not living in the same country.
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