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Project Inner OX wheel plate 2015-02-27

Strengthen your OX gantry assembly using inner plates

  1. sgspenceley

    sgspenceley Master Builder

    sgspenceley submitted a new resource:

    Inner OX wheel plate - Strengthen your OX gantry assembly using inner plates


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  2. IsaaX

    IsaaX New Builder

    Thank you for sharing this! What thickness do you recommend for this plate?
  3. sgspenceley

    sgspenceley Master Builder

    Hi IsaaX, I would suggest 20 gauge stainless steel or mild steel.

    I used stainless steel because I wanted it to look good and be very stiff.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2015
  4. matthewb

    matthewb Well-Known Builder

    Steve what are your thoughts on the stiffness gains that come from an inner plate versus the gains that could be made by joining and stiffening between the 2 y axis instead? ( or indeed bolting down the 2 Y extrusions to a rigid table like the charging ox - link)
    I cant decide which way to go!
  5. sgspenceley

    sgspenceley Master Builder

    Hi Mathew, I think both solutions have merit. If I was building an larger OX I would bolt the axis rails to the base, my OX is relatively small 750mm by 500mm so I did not see flex in the Y axis extrusion but could see movement in the wheels when testing and the X gantry crabed.
    If you choose to secure the Y axis you could still use just an upper plate brace plate to tie these wheels together.

    Adding full height corner braces and bolting the X axis beams together is worth the effort.
  6. Bubbarice

    Bubbarice New Builder

    I would love to get a price to cut 2 of the plates out of stainless - I am just putting together the parts that I need for this built and felt your interior plates were a great feature.
    Thanks - Mike - [email protected]
  7. nate campbell

    nate campbell Journeyman Builder

    I built a 1000mm x 1500mm OX with the inside plates but I'd trade them in a heart beat for brackets to mount the Y rails to the table. My machine still cuts nice but Y rail flex is definitely one of the limiting factors
  8. Julius

    Julius Veteran Builder

    the step file is missing, and can you make it DXF instead?

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