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TRADE Trade? two power supply

Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by crazerico, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. crazerico

    crazerico Well-Known Builder

    looking to trade for a spindle?
    or cnc parts

    what i have its two brand new power supply
    both came from

    Phoenix Contact - 2938604 - QUINT Series DIN Rail Mount Enclosed 85-264V In [email protected] AC-DC Power Supply - Allied Electronics

    Sola/Hevi-Duty DC Power Supply, 24VDC, 20A, 47-63Hz SDN20-24-480CC | Zoro.com

    one is 48 volts 10 amps
    the other is 24 volts 10 amps

    close to $1000 or over for both i forgot lol

    if anyone have a use for those or any ?
    looking to trade they both are brand new sealed
    PM or make an offer here.

    Any by posting this i broke any rules please remove my post. i don't want to cause any problems :D
    thanks guy
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  2. crazerico

    crazerico Well-Known Builder

    forgot to mention i dont think anyone would want it i don't think.
    they can also include a ups controller and battery they are din rails.
    just in case u lose power your project doesn't go to wasted the ups and battery are used thought
  3. argelio

    argelio Well-Known Builder

    do you still have 24 volts 10 amps p.s
  4. crazerico

    crazerico Well-Known Builder

    Yes i still have both the sola 24 volts
    and phoenix 48 volts

    i posted wrong link on the phoenix
  5. crazerico

    crazerico Well-Known Builder

    Adding more stuff as im cleaning the tool box out

    allen Bradley 1761-net-eni Ethernet interface module

    Ethernet Adaptor SLC-500 5vdc 470MA

    will have a full 8 slot rack with input output and all the goodies also if anyone is interested
    i figure i could trade then here if anyone got any hardcore project going on'

    looking for a turn key plasma setup
    if anyone interested in trading i have tons of automation stuff from Emerson,rosemount , fisher to deltaV stuff
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  6. Tracy Ranson

    Tracy Ranson Journeyman Builder

    Those are some amazing industrial grade power supplies that you have there. I don't need them, what I could use is some din rail need two 1 foot sections.
  7. stargeezer

    stargeezer Veteran Builder

    Hi, I've got a 1.5kw 4 bearing spindle and I believe a 2kw VFD, Both used about 2 months, mostly to check out the build, while I waited a bigger spindle. I also have a bunch of automation goodies to trade too, some 20mm hardened rods lots of 20mm linear bearings, mounts, etc.

    I could sure use the Phoenix 24v supply depending on the input voltage (I can only use 120-240) and like others, some din rail is always needed.

    I'm working on a 60"x 60" plasma cutter right now, but it's not for sale yet. :)

    If interested, drop me a PM with a phone number, or I can send you mine.

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