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SEEKING Vslot drop cuts/odd sizes

Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by Alex krause, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Alex krause

    Alex krause Journeyman Builder

    Looking for vslot rail/Cbeam. Drop off saw cuts that are going unused, odd sizes, or extra pieces that are just laying around are all welcomed. THANKS in advance :)
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  2. Mark Carew

    Mark Carew OpenBuilds Team Staff Member Resident Builder Builder

    Hi Alex,
    I might be able to help here, what use do you have in mind for them?
  3. Alex krause

    Alex krause Journeyman Builder

    The goal is to be able to make the Open screen press from bits and pieces that people have laying around so this project can be completed on a budget for anyone that may have extra bits and pieces. A piece of cbeam will be used to to keep the arm aligned. You will have to pardon my lack of 3d modeling experience (I'm still playing with sketchup) I drew up a rough draft by hand. End goal is to produce with +90% openbuilds parts with a few odds and ends purchased from a local hardware store or Amazon when in a pinch

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  4. Anthony Bolgar

    Anthony Bolgar Veteran Builder

    Great idea Alex.
  5. Mark Carew

    Mark Carew OpenBuilds Team Staff Member Resident Builder Builder

    This sounds super cool! We really don't have a lot in the way of cutoffs but I will see what I can do though the Fair Share shoot you a message to see if it will work for you. :thumbsup:
    btw I wish I had your drawing skillz, I have to have a 3D program to help me :)
  6. MaryD

    MaryD Master Staff Member Moderator

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