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  1. hinrg
    Thanks Grantman !!!! heaps of information to get me into trouble lol
  2. Grantman
    This esc: RC Model Airplane / Helicopter 80A Brushless Motor Speed Controller ESC SL022 | eBay No problem controlling via gcode: Software speed control of a brushless dc (Bldc) motor from Mach3.
  3. hinrg
    @Grantman nice what kinda speed controller you using? can can you control it via gcode? Thanks for the reply btw :)
  4. Grantman
    @hinrg It's DIY using this motor: N5055 400/600/800KV High Efficiency Brushless motor,multicopter/Skateboard | eBay some SK16 shaft supports, 688 bearings, and this shaft: C8-ER11A-100L 8mm...
  5. Christopher Björkqvist
    Looks verry rigid, I like it..
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