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Project OpenBuilds Router/Spindle Mount Adapter (71mm to 65mm) 2015-08-28

Router/Spindle Mount Adapter

  1. Tyler Harney

    Tyler Harney Well-Known Builder

    Tyler Harney submitted a new resource:

    OpenBuilds Router/Spindle Mount Adapter (71mm to 65mm) - Router/Spindle Mount Adapter

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  2. Tracy Ranson

    Tracy Ranson Journeyman Builder

    I don't have a 3d printer and I need one of these adapters. Is there anyone here who could 3d print this for me?
  3. Moag

    Moag Master Staff Member Resident Builder Builder

    I don't know if you can source this size of PVC drain pipe outside of Australia but if you get stuck a visit to your local plumbing supply store might be worthwhile ;) Holman 65mm x 1m PVC DWV Pipe
  4. Tracy Ranson

    Tracy Ranson Journeyman Builder

    Thank you so much for the idea of using the PVC drain pipe. I will run over to my local hardware store and see if they have something that I can use, can't hurt that's for sure. I have made wedges, I have used shims and nothing seems to work. If I can get the router to stabilize long enough to cut aluminum or even HDPE I can make another mount that would work. I am using my router in an older machine that I built a few years ago because I need to make parts for my new machine and in the condition my old machine is in there is no way that I can make the parts that I need for my OX but I will give the pipe thing a try.
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  5. Frank Ruhl

    Frank Ruhl New Builder

    Does anyone have a ready made Router/Spindle Mount Adapter (71mm to 52mm) Adapter instead of a 71 to 65mm. i have the air cooled version. All aircooled spindle motors are cheeper, but have a 52mm diameter size. my computer does not have the capability to do cad drawings at this time. maybe next year but not now. So if anyone has the part already made or an .stl file will help
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2016
  6. Rick 2.0

    Rick 2.0 OpenBuilds Team Staff Member Moderator Builder

    OpenBuilds Spindle Adapter by Tharris17

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