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      As if I don't have enough projects on the go, I decided to start building a 750mm X 750mm laser engraver based on Openbuilds 20X40 extrusion (I had some left from another project) Have everything test fit, just need to cut the X axis plate on the laser (I have used a 3d printed plate for test assembly that I had around). Waiting on some GT2 belt and pulleys, as soon as they arrive, I can do the final assembly and mount the controller (Grbl this time) and the laser diode (a 6.8W monster, PWM controlled). I was thinking of also making it so that I could attach a 300 or 400w air cooled spindle for PCB engraving and light cutting. It is based upon some of the 20X20 extrusion builds on the Openbuilds site, I just thought that 20X40 would be a little stronger in the long run. I have a 3d printed X axis slide that will go on it so that I can easily adjust the laser focal point depending on the thickness of the work piece. I will post some pictures of the build and the plate files and BOM later this week.

      December 14. 2016
      I have sort of put this project on the back burner for now, waiting for parts to arrive so I can finalize its design. I would welcome some advice however on material choices for the gantry plates. I do not think that a laser engraver needs aluminum plates, but I would like something that is more dimensionaly stable than MDF (Which is what I am prototyping this build with), but has more strength than acrylic. Does any one have any brilliant ideas?

      December 18, 2016

      Just a few images of the prototyping stage, using mdf for the plates until I decide on Garolite or Aluminum for the final build. 100_4380.JPG 100_4381.JPG

      December 29, 2016

      Decided to use 6mm acrylic for the plates. If I ever decide to put a small 300W spindle on it, I will upgrade them to aluminum. Still waiting for the belt and pulleys to arrive, sort of at a standstill until I get them.

      February 17, 2017 Still waiting for the acrylic I ordered, So I am going to assemble it with MDF prototypes for now. Should be stable enough for a diode engraver.

      March 7, 2017 All the parts have arrived, so it is time to put it all together and set up a grbl controller for it, most likely running LaserWeb.
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    You can never have enough lasers!

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    Various laser engravers on Openbuilds
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